About Alexandria

Alexandria is the owner-operator of EquiCanine and possesses experience and knowledge from a range of lifetime pursuits and professions. Alexandria holds degrees in Sports Science and Education and has extensive experience in Equestrian and Canine Coaching, Event Management, Media & Marketing, Small Business Management and Adult Tertiary Education. Her life-long work with horses and dogs has seen her in the role of coach, instructor, educator, competitor, community club committee member and Media Officer with the International Society for Equitation Science. Alexandria is passionate about teaching equestrian rider positioning, positive training for canine handlers, ensuring awareness of animal welfare in human-animal interactions and always having fun and happy times with animal companions.
As a trainer of a range of animals, Alexandria has worked with horses, dogs, donkeys, camels, birds, snakes, a Braham bull and a pig for movies & TV, special events and stage theatre. One of her greatest joys is training and competing with her 4 dogs (of which 2 are deaf and work only from hand and body signals) in agility and obedience. Alexandria’s research interests focus on evidence-based animal training principles (in particular equine & canine) and in examining the anatomical and biomechanical positioning of the rider and its effect on the horse